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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Purse Clean

Oh, handbags. Sometimes we have a love-hate relationship with them. We never mind spending a few extra dollars (or hundreds) for one because we justify it by saying “we’re investing” and “it’ll last for years”—but sometimes, that extra investment turns into caring for a child. The bag gets its own seat at a restaurant because it could never dare touch the floor. But there are actually more ways to keep your purse clean and organized and make it last for years. Here are our five tricks:


Not literally even though I’m sure your bag would make for a great cocktail partner. Pre-protect your bag before taking it out. If your purse is made of leather, suede or a delicate fabric, apply a protectant product to shield it from spills, dirt and any fumbles throughout the day. You can also use these products regularly on bags you often wear.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Purse Clean | Chanel bag
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Pouch it

Have you ever opened a bag to find ink stains, lipstick smudges or leaked fluids? Make sure you protect the lining and the inside of your purse by using pouches to organize all your contents. Have a beauty bag, a money or tech bag and a work bag with pens. By keeping everything in separate mini pouches, your purse will remain organized and clean, and it’ll be significantly easier to switch up your handbags throughout the week without having to completely dump everything and reorganize.

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Purse Clean | Sliver clutch
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Store them properly

When you’re not using a bag, make sure you store it properly. Keep pocketbooks upright, detach any removable straps and coil them inside the purse (if you fold them or leave them astray, they’ll bend and crease) and stash them in dust bags or mini pillowcases before putting them away. Avoid squeezing them tightly on the shelf because they’ll scratch, and don’t store bags in plastic because plastic traps moisture.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Purse Clean | Plaid Suit with color block bag
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Remove stains

Oops, you got a stain on your brand-new bag, but don’t worry. There are several at-home DIY stain-removal techniques to remove food, oil, ink and water stains that work well, but you can also take it to a professional for a deep clean.

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Effective Ways to Keep Your Purse Clean | Gucci Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag
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Show a little TLC

To ensure your bags last for years, practice routine care. Definitely protect the material, store it properly and remove stains, but there are a couple of other tips and tricks to make sure your bags stay in tip-top shape.

  • Wipe down the bags you’re currently using on a weekly basis. You can use a baby wipe to get rid of crumbs or dirt on the inside and use a soft cloth on the outside. But make sure you’re not overcleaning your bag either — constant washing will eventually lead to the destruction of your bag, so only clean it if you’re regularly using it.
  • Avoid handling your bag with dirty, lotioned or wet hands.
  • Rotate your bags regularly so they don’t wear out too fast.
  • Don’t overstuff your bag. This will stretch your bag, rip the lining or deform the material.

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