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10 Inspiring Travel Bloggers You Need to Start Following

Few of us would turn down the opportunity for a vacation, domestic or abroad. What we tend to have trouble with is actually making travel a priority, setting our sights on a destination and making it happen. Enter the travel blogger, whose whole life seems to revolve around their next getaway. Even if we can’t imagine the same lifestyle for ourselves, they offer inspiration. If this person can manage to make travel top of their list, so can I.

Here are some travel blogger we really, really love, both for the variety of their adventures and their ability to inspire us to book a flight.

1. The Globe Getter

The Globe Getter is Tausha, a full-time communications worker in New York who manages to do all her incredible world traveling in her spare time. Most recently, she took a bike tour through the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

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2. Whimsy Soul

Whimsy Soul is an all-over lifestyle blog run by San Francisco-dwelling Kara, but Kara does a ton of travel and looks stylish as heck while doing it. Her latest post shows she stopped over in Frankfurt and gave a few quick tips on what to do on a layover.

3. I Am Aileen

Aileen is a multilingual Filipino travel blogger who quit her job to travel the world and has kept the momentum going for nearly five years. She recently took an epic trip to Antarctica. She also focuses a lot on the details of a trip — what kind of money you need to bring, what to pack and how to get the most out of your experience. Think of her as your personal travel guide.

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4. Bianca Karina
Bianca is a self-identified plus-size biracial blogger who wants to get the most out of life. “Let’s show the world that life doesn’t start when you lose 20 pounds,” she writes on her blog. Most recently, she visited the countryside of the Czech Republic.

5. Les Talk, More Travel
Les Talk, More Travel is run by Leslie, an introverted lesbian who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Much of her travel writing is focused on the Pacific Northwest, although she also travels abroad regularly. She recently she visited the surf town of Tofino on the western side of Vancouver Island.

6. The Sophisticated Life

The Sophisticated Life is the blog of a New Yorker named Nadeen who travels all over the world. In 2017 alone, she visited Thailand, South Africa, San Diego, Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, France and South Carolina.

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7. One Girl One World

One Girl One World is run by Francesca, a California native who has traveled to more than 20 countries since 2015, most recently visiting Martinique in the Caribbean. She’s also raising awareness about the lack of diversity in travel blogging, having written a post highlighting the issue for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

8. Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is a travel journalist who’s visited more than 100 countries, and in addition to blogging is also a regular vlogger. She’s also vocal about her experiences as a black woman traveling to a variety of countries, discussing topics from being a black expat to which countries were the most welcoming.

9. Gotta Keep Movin’

Gotta Keep Movin’ is a unique format for a travel blog. Its founder, Emma Higgins, travels to a destination for a year and writes about it, eventually creating a destination book for each location. Her latest is an overview of what to experience in Portugal.

10. The Insatiable Traveler

The Insatiable Traveler is run by Susan, a Midwesterner-turned-New Yorker who tells her stories primarily through her stunning photography. Lately, she’s been spending time in wintery Manitoba, Canada, taking photos of polar bears and arctic foxes.

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