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The US Olympic Team’s Gloves Are Beyond Our Comprehension


SheKnows Editorial

We get super-excited for the Olympics whenever it comes around, and one of the final moments of excitement before the opening ceremony is the reveal of the U.S. Olympic Team’s uniforms. But this year, one piece of the sartorial puzzle has us scratching our heads, reading up on cultural appropriation and racing to find Jim Carrey GIFs.

Take a look at these gloves.

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Designed by Polo Ralph Lauren, the rest of the outfit is pretty awesome, including the electronically heated parka, beautiful sweater and slim-cut jeans. But then out of nowhere, two gigantic light-brown fringed suede gloves bedecked in Olympic rings and the American flag come into the picture. Some think they’re a nod to the gloves worn by cowboys, while others are pointing out that they seem to be a pretty spot-on rip-off of the buckskin gauntlet gloves worn by certain Native communities in the west.

Regardless, everyone seems to agree they have no business being part of the rest of the outfit.

You may be asking yourself: Where have I seen these before? Well, Twitter is here to answer your query.

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Of course, some people love the gloves.

If you love the gloves, you’re in luck — they’re listed as “coming soon” on Ralph Lauren’s website. In the meantime, you can keep your hands warm with a pair of the Team USA Ceremony Mittens — if you’re willing to drop $135 on them, that is.

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