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A Look Inside Some of the World’s Most Luxurious Plane Cabins

It’s pretty incredible that in just over a century, humans went from dreaming of the possibility of being airborne to having an average of over 100,000 commercial flights darting through the air every day. But it’s hard to keep the miraculousness of that progress in mind when you’re sandwiched between two people on a long-haul flight, trying to eat the worst microwave dinner you’ve ever tasted without elbowing somebody’s drink over. If you’ve had the chance to fly in an economy seat, you’ve probably thought, “There has to be a better way.”

And the truth? There is. It just comes with a seriously hefty price tag. The wealthy among us have been traveling in style for quite some time — and these luxury flying options prove it.

Singapore Airlines A380

In the suites class of Singapore Airlines, you can get your own private area, freshen up with free cologne and lotions, eat a five-course in-flight meal and wear complimentary pajamas while you sleep in a double bed on the way to your destination.

Round-trip tickets cost around $19,000.

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Emirates first class

Image: Emirates Airline

The signature feature of Emirates first class is their shower spa with heated floors (with temperature control) and an abundance of shower products. You can also meet other passengers at the lounge bar or enjoy a minibar and snack basket at your seat, plus enjoy complimentary slippers and pajamas or dine from an extensive list of menu options.

Round-trip tickets cost around $19,000.

Qantas 380

Pajamas and slippers, à la carte menus, massage chairs and amenity bags with face treatments are part of what make the first-class Qantas experience so luxurious.

Round-trip tickets cost around $14,000.

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British Airways Dreamliner first-class
Each passenger has several places to store personal items like jackets, shoes and handbags. The lighting reflects the time of day, so you’re less likely to be hit with a case of jet lag, and you’ll be provided with aromatherapy potions and noise-canceling headphones.

Round-trip tickets start at $10,000

Etihad Airways

Get cozy at a vanity with all the amenities you could ask for, including essential oils. There are also remote-controlled window blinds and sliding privacy doors. You can eat meals whenever you get hungry, and there’s a lounge where first-class and business passengers can socialize over drinks.

Round-trip tickets cost around $8,000.

Not swanky enough? For $20,000, one passenger can have an entire apartment’s worth of space on the airline in an area they call “The Residence.”

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Private charter jets

If you really want to take a peek at how the 1 percent live, it’s the private charter jets that will show you the true meaning of luxury. Here are just a few options to consider if you ever come into a vast sum of money.

Holds: 26 passengers

Price: $41,520 

Holds: 12 passengers

Price: $15,250

Holds: 19 passengers

Price: Unknown

Anyway, hope you’re remembering your last economy-class flight fondly!

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