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Kitchen Decor Trends That Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Aaron Popowsky

It’s not every day that you get to create the kitchen of your dreams, but choosing how that kitchen should look can be tricky. Trends change, and what’s new now might be an old fad by the time the paint dries.

The best design trends are both functional and pleasing to the eye. These six design trends are top of mind for designers and homeowners alike, but it’s not just because they look good. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, consider these trends that go beyond just novelty and aesthetics.

1. Matte flat panels

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Flat-panel cabinetry is a truly classic European style that’s been popular in the United States since the 1970s. Traditionally, flat panels have had glossy finishes — which is perfect for collecting fingerprints, stains, and kitchen bacteria. Today, they’re more popular in dark colors and matte finishes that add a modern flair. Matte finishes also don’t stain, display fingerprints or harbor bacteria.

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2. Integrated lighting

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Many cabinetmakers are also embracing the idea of lighting the inside of drawers and cabinet compartments. LED lights provide a higher-quality finish and are super-functional. They come in several colors and can be integrated into cabinets or drawers of any size. If you’re torn between a traditional and modern style, classic cabinet exteriors with strategic LED lighting inside can give your kitchen a timeless look with a 21st-century feel.

3. Induction cooktops

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Induction cooktops are on the cutting edge of kitchen technology. Induction is the process of heating with magnetic energy rather than thermal energy. They only work with specific pots and pans, so touching the cooking surface alone while it’s on won’t burn you (or your kids). Their flat, unobtrusive metal surfaces make them the sleekest stovetops available, and the fact that they don’t produce heat makes them the safest.

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4. Waterfall edges

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Waterfall countertop edges have always been popular, and as long as open layouts with islands and peninsulas stay popular, so will these edges. Waterfall countertops produce a level of detail and quality of aesthetic that are difficult to accomplish in older, closed-space kitchens. Because waterfall edges are often made from granite or quartz, they’re more difficult to scratch or scuff, despite being out in the open.

5. Smart appliances

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Smart, internet-connected devices such as refrigerators, ovens and coffee machines have taken over much of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. If you’re especially busy, having the ability to seamlessly order produce, cook your meals and make the perfect cup of coffee all from your phone could be priceless. Smart appliances also come in so many designs and finishes that you can easily integrate them into virtually any aesthetic style you choose.

6. AI chefs

Image: Aaron Popowsky/Gallery Kitchen & Bath

Smart appliances are bringing kitchens into the future, but the development of AI chefs is leading us closer to the Jetsons-esque homes we’ve been promised since the 1950s. Moley Robotics has developed programmable robotic arms that cook recipes exactly how expert chefs intended. The AI system uses motion-capture technology to mimic a recipe’s every measurement and movement. With an AI chef, your new kitchen could be serving up Michelin-star meals every day.

It’s an exciting time to remodel your kitchen. Design choices are seemingly endless, which means you won’t have to compromise for lack of options. To truly make it the kitchen of your dreams, though, choose the designs that fit your taste and lifestyle. Whether classic or modern, convenient or cutting edge, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

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