The Queen Went All-Out With Her 2017 Christmas Decor

Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace don’t really do anything haphazardly, let’s be real — but their 2017 Christmas decorations have reached next-level elegance. Suddenly, that snowflake projector I got for the front of my house seems kinda lame.

The palace shared a photo of the queen at Windsor Castle, complete with all the lights, a Christmas tree and even festive-hued roses billowing from the fireplace and mantle.

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It’s also hard to miss the photos of Prince Philip strategically placed around the room. One shows Prince Philip alone while the other is of the queen and Prince Philip together. I can’t help but think this is a strategic move after Season 2 of The Crown was released on Netflix. The rough patch in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage was highlighted in the storyline — memories that I’m sure the queen and palace weren’t keen on revisiting along with the rest of the world.

The palace also tweeted a video of the decorations around the property.

Aside from the decorations in the queen’s photo, the palace video reports a 15-foot Nordmann fir tree from Great Windsor Park has been displayed in the palace’s Marble Hall, and two smaller trees, which are adorned with fairy lights and crowns, adorn the Grand Entrance.

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The video also shares some fun facts about Christmas, like the fact that the Christmas tree was popularized in the 19th century by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and that the Christmas Tree was introduced to Britain in the 18th century by Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III.

It ends, of course, by wishing everyone a happy Christmas. Hey, if nothing else, the royals continue to give us more life aspirations, this time in the form of #HolidayDecorGoals.