Beyoncé Shops at Target Just Like the Rest of Us Mere Mortals

Not even Beyoncé can resist the pull that is Target during the holiday season.

Let’s be real; when you think of Beyoncé and Christmas, diamonds also probably come to mind. And cars. And designer clothes. And watches. But it turns out Beyoncé isn’t all glitz and glam during the holiday season. She can also get down with some Target shopping just like the rest of us.

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Queen Bey was spotted with her mom, Tina Lawson, and her daughter Blue Ivy perusing the San Clemente retail location on Thursday. It looks like maybe she was wearing her sunglasses inside to stay incognito, but the radar of the Beyhive is strong. Photos and videos were taken, and Twitter immediately started buzzing about her fabulousness.
Beyoncé is known for getting into the Christmas spirit.

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Last year, she showed off her giant Christmas tree on Instagram and even donned some silver antlers to the tune of Tamar Braxton’s “Sleigh Ride.” To top it off, she also had a Lemonade-themed Christmas tree, which was covered in lemon ornaments.

I think it’s safe to assume that no matter where Beyoncé shops, that giant Christmas tree isn’t going to be without some giant presents on Christmas morning.


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