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Is Your Traditional Christmas Tree Getting a Little Boring? Flip It Upside-Down


SheKnows Editorial

It seems like there’s a new Christmas tree trend every year, whether it’s flocking your millennial pink tree or replacing the star on top with a framed photo of Beyoncé (or is that just me?). But the latest trend turns all of these on their heads — literally!

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The newest fad? Displaying trees upside down. It’s a structurally terrifying prospect (mine have enough trouble staying straight in their stand as it is), but the visuals are striking. Installing your tree upside down means all of your ornaments are on full display instead of getting buried in the branches below. It’s a stunning way to display cascading tinsel too.

If you aren’t sure how to rig one up yourself, you can buy a fake upside down tree online. Or, if a traditional tree stand is too tricky to figure out, you can always hang your existing tree from the ceiling (this method is also best for fake trees — watering is quite tricky when your tree is upside down!).

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Still not sure why anyone would opt for an upside-down tree? Maybe these visuals will convince you.
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Then again, this might be one Christmas fad we’re OK with skipping.

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