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Julianne Hough’s Makeup Artist Shares the Secret to Bold Eyes

When Spencer Barnes speaks, we’re all ears. He’s been Julianne Hough’s go-to makeup artist for nearly 10 years, and recently shared the trick he uses to make her blue eyes sparkle on the red carpet.

“The best tricks to making your eyes pop are two things: Structure — creating illusions, elongating lines — and then the other thing is creating a focus,” he told hosts Zuri Hall and former Bachelor contestant Vanessa Grimaldi on Sunday’s episode of freeSTYLE.

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To accomplish the look, Barnes actually relies on the color wheel, a widely used illustration that demonstrates how colors relate to one another, to determine which shades go best with her eye color.

“If you have blue eyes or green eyes and you’re using orangey bronzes, really warm golds or purple and plums, you’re going maximize the impact,” he continued.

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But be careful not to use the colors directly opposite on the color wheel. “So obviously, red is opposite green on the color wheel, but if you were to use red on your eyes, it might be a little much. But, a plumy tone with red undertones, or a pink even, can be really beautiful,” he says.

To finish the look, Barnes also recommends using a Sigma Beauty highlighter on your cupid’s bow and pairing it with a Wet ‘n Wild blush for a glowy effect. So next time you want to make your eyes pop, learn the difference between your primary and secondary colors first.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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