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7 In-Flight Beauty Tips Straight From a Pro Crew Member

Even on the shortest flights, the bummer combo of altitude and dry, recycled cabin air can wreak havoc on skin. Ever wonder how flight attendants manage to protect their skin against the high skies? Well, we went straight to the source and asked Emirates cabin crew member Ashleigh Joseph how she deals.

If you’ve ever flown with the Dubai-based airline, you’re aware that its crew members are famously polished and put-together with impeccable skin, hair and makeup from takeoff to landing. Joseph let us in on her secrets for air travel prep, in-flight fixes and post-landing recovery tips. Here, grab her top seven tips to smooth beauty sailing at 35,000 feet and above.

Preparation is key

“Moisturizing lotion, lip balm and body spray are all musts when it comes to flying,” says Joseph. “With the air 37,000 feet up being quite dry, it can be harsh on the skin. Use a good facial mask 2 to 3 times a week to help keep your skin in really good condition, and use rose water when flying, which can be taken in a refillable spray container and used throughout the flight.”

Stay hydrated

Between eating at 4.30 a.m. and traveling across the world’s time zones, Joseph’s one constant is keeping her body hydrated at all times. She recommends lots of green tea, water with lemon or mint and fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system.

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Prime time

“One thing this job has taught me is to use primer, primer and more primer before applying makeup.” she says. Splurge on a primer that will keep your makeup in place, and Joseph promises your makeup won’t budge the entire flight.

Go natural

“If you do wear makeup, make sure your look is natural,” Joseph suggests. “And avoid waterproof mascara, as this dries out your lashes and is harder to remove after a flight or sleeping onboard.” But one beauty item that Joseph calls her best friend is lip liner. “Lip liners help attain and accentuate the wonderful ‘Dubai lip’ most are trying to achieve.”

Set your makeup

Joseph credits a setting spray with keeping her look fresh despite the long-haul flights. “It requires minimal replenishment throughout the flight and that’s why I love it!” Who doesn’t want to come off a 12-hour flight looking completely relaxed and impossibly fresh looking?

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Pack the essentials

“If I look in my cabin bag right now, I’ll have at least three of each: roll on perfume, a shower cap and a sewing kit with spare buttons,” she says. Whether it’s freshening your scent or preserving your blowout during a quick post-landing shower, make sure you have what you need on hand, from dry shampoo to deodorant.

Keep it moving

One thing Joseph always does post-flight is fit in a little workout. “Once you land, aim to get a bit of exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk,” she recommends. “Exercise can mobilize the extra fluid.” No puffiness here!

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