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The Natural Product Miranda Kerr Uses on Stretch Marks

It’s common knowledge that having a baby takes a major toll on your body. Backaches, insomnia, nausea, swollen feet and stretch marks are just a few of the side effects some women experience with pregnancy. Dealing with this stuff is, of course, considered well worth it in order to give birth to a healthy baby — but still, it’s understandable that not everyone thrills to such changes, so tips and tricks to ease those side effects can be helpful for some.

Enter Miranda Kerr, mom and supermodel, who revealed to W magazine that using body oil during her pregnancy helped mitigate the effects of stretch marks. Stretch marks aren’t just visible marks on the body — they can also be painful, as they’re essentially small tears in the skin that occur as your belly rapidly expands to accommodate a fetus. So using oil to treat them isn’t just about aesthetics, but wellness and comfort.

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In fact, Kerr didn’t put too much emphasis on how she looked while pregnant with her son, Flynn. “I remember being very calm about my body,” she told W. “I was just so excited to be having Flynn.” And although Kerr didn’t obsess about her skin, she found that oil was a helpful balm as her stomach grew.

“I also used Noni Glow Body Oil throughout my pregnancy, and I didn’t get one stretch mark, even though I had a 10-pound baby.” Now, full and important disclosure: The particular body oil Kerr used is part of her Kora Organics beauty line, so, hey, she’s plugging her own product. But on the other hand, it also makes sense that using oil to moisturize and heal stressed-out skin would be an effective — or at least helpful — treatment for stretch marks.

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Kerr described how she used the body oil, saying, “If you use it religiously morning and night, it really helps prevent stretch marks. It also helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks you may already have.”

The best part is that applying oil to your skin at night doesn’t even sound like a chore, but kind of a decadent ritual you can add to your skin care routine. Whether you’re pregnant or just looking to ease the dryness or pain of stretch marks elsewhere on your body, Kerr’s trick sounds like one worth trying.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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