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Jessica Alba’s Secret for Effortless Waves Is Showering at Night

Jessica Alba‘s voluminous, beachy waves are some of the most sought-after in the hair game. In a new interview with Byrdie, the actor-turned-skin care mogul revealed that the secret to her coveted waves — and decompressing at the end of the day — is simply nighttime showers. “I like to take a shower at night. I feel like taking a shower or taking a bath, it just kind of like — I wind down,” Alba said.

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And though sleeping with wet hair can be annoying to some, Alba embraces the “lioness” hair texture she wakes up to — with the help of a couple of products, of course. To amp up her morning hair texture, Alba sprays a couple of spritzes of leave-in conditioner and sea salt spray before going to bed. “I don’t even mind going to bed with my hair wet. I think it’s fine,” she said. “I wake up with lioness hair, but it’s fine — especially if you spray some leave-in conditioner and a little sea salt spray before you go to bed. It gives you that extra volume and texture.”

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Though the jury’s still out as to which is better, morning or night showers, Alba’s super-easy hair trick just gave women one more reason to try the p.m. shower (which some ladies in our office are already devoted to). Lazy-girl beauty tricks FTW!

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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