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How to De-Pot Your Eye Shadows Without Ruining Them

Coined by the beauty geniuses of the world, de-potting is more or less a creative way to organize your favorite eye shadow singles into one ginormous super-palette, aka the Z palette. Experts recommend using MAC’s Pro Palette, large which, for reference, can be used to combine three Urban Decay palettes into one. Amazing, right? And if having your go-to shadows in one convenient place isn’t reason alone to jump on the de-potting train, it’s also great as inspiration for new color combinations.

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De-potting eyeshadows: Gold eyeshadow
Image: ImaxTree

Figuring out how to de-pot your eye shadows isn’t an easy task, but luckily for you, we already scoped out the best de-potting tutorials out there so you can try out all sorts of techniques, such as using heat to remove the glue under the pan with a hair straightener or going heatless with a string of floss. Below, check out these insanely easy tutorials and start de-potting your way to an epic collection of shadows.

Using a lighter

Using rubbing alcohol

Using a straightener

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Using an X-acto knife

Using floss

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