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10 Reasons to Wallpaper the Space Behind Your Headboard

By: Michelle Gage

We get it — wallpaper can be a huge commitment. While it provides a lot of look, it can also be a huge investment. It can be quite costly to wrap your whole room in wallpaper, which is why we’re big fans of wallpapered accent walls. You can apply a great print or pattern to one wall in your room and paint the remaining three — a much more affordable way to get the look. In your bedroom, we suggest using wallpaper behind your headboard, which can bring so much personality to a space.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard
Image: Ellie Lillstrom

Make a statement with the navy marbled wallpaper Jojotastic used in her bedroom. This wave-like pattern — marbled stripe in navy by Rebecca Atwood — is far from subtle; it is bold and soothing. Add a little extra appeal with a bold brass headboard. Hang a piece of vintage nude artwork above your bed and consider your space finished.

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Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 2

In absence of a headboard, style your space with a soft gray printed wallpaper like the one found in this room in the The Michelberger hotel in Berlin designed by Werner Aisslinger. If you are creating a room on a budget — but still want to infuse some style — forget the headboard and just do wallpaper. This look is perfect for a small space or rental.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 3
Image: Shinysquirrel

This room hits all the high notes. When sorting through all the wallpaper options out there, start by selecting one that is your favorite color. This jewel-toned shade is rich and regal. To bring the design full circle, pull out a color from the wallpaper’s pattern and paint it onto the adjacent walls.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 4
Image: Plastolux

Try a cloud print behind your headboard. A gray and white cloud wallpaper like the pattern used by TFAD Architects in this Sydney, Australia, home is perfect for the bedroom; it provides a tranquil vibe. To drive home that cozy and comfortable vibe, keep the materials at a minimum and the colors neutral.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 5
Image: Decor Gold Designs

Maybe your bedroom is in need of some exploded florals on the walls like Jennifer of Decor Gold Designs used here. To design a room around a bold print, start with the wallpaper and the rest will pull together quite easily. If you’re looking to achieve a similar look, but with a more masculine vibe, try a landscape style behind your bed.

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Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 6
Image: StyleBlueprint

A chic, neutral floral print makes for a great guest space. Accessorize with some glam lighting and you are sure to have a space that everyone will be envious of.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 7
Image: West Elm Blog

In her LA home, Monica Wang (who interned for Emily Henderson) chose a wallpaper by Samantha Santana Creative that really pops. These scattered blooms beautify your space instantly. Place this pattern behind your bed and outfit the space with neutral bedding.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 8
Image: Tessa Neustadt

We can’t get enough of this space by Amber Interiors. Pink is the perfect pop color to add behind your headboard. We have to admit that this space is making us a wee bit jealous of the teenage girl who lives in this room.

Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 9
Image: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is the queen of cool, and her Channels wallpaper design in lake and beige showcases that edgy and glamorous vibe. Place this print behind your headboard to for an eye-catching focal point.

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Wallpaper The Space Behind Your Headboard 10
Image: West Elm Blog

If you’re working with an irregular wall, don’t try to disguise it — instead, emphasize it. Apply some printed wallpaper to the wall, like Alison Allen, founder of the Deuce Cities Henhouse blog, did, and let it steal the show. Place your bed against these blooms and prepare for a restful night of zzz’s.

Originally published on Domino.

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