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Delta & Ann Coulter Are Feuding Over a $30 Seat Upgrade


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Ann Coulter, political commentator, lost it over the weekend, tweeting her dissatisfaction with a Delta flight in a way that somehow made the collective public side with the airline. How often does that happen?

We all know that air travel is a huge pain in the ass. Coulter was upset because another passenger on her flight was assigned an upgraded seat that Coulter had paid for. It’s always infuriating when airlines overbook flights and when it comes down to two people, one of whom has better status with the airline, well, you can guess who the seat’s going to.

It sucks. It doesn’t seem fair. And of course you want to publicly vent about the frustrating experience. But there’s a right way to do it, and unless you want to come across as a body-shaming toddler having a five-alarm temper tantrum, this is not that way.

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The looks on their faces say it all.

It’s not like the other woman was an unticketed passenger who forced her way onto the plane and into Coulter’s seat — Delta placed her there. If anything, Coulter should have kept her complaint strictly with the airline, and she definitely shouldn’t have posted a photo of the other passengers, violating their privacy and commenting on the other passenger’s body.

She also went on a rant in several other tweets, comparing Delta’s flight attendant training to a prison experiment and asking Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman if they could call the Delta CEO on air together. Delta was not having it.

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Delta is giving Coulter a refund for the extra $30 she paid to reserve the seat she didn’t get while sticking up for the other passengers in the whole misadventure as well as their employees, who I’m sure would count this among the worst flights they’ve ever been on. Hey, at least that’s something they can agree with Coulter about!

But she was not impressed by the refund.

I can’t do anything but laugh. Neither can Chris Evans.

Some conservatives are known for calling liberals “snowflakes” as a way to degrade them for being too sensitive when they disagree with them, so Evans threw in that snowflake emoji for good measure. Hey, at least this latest airline drama doesn’t involve dragging people out of their seats or kicking families with babies off planes.

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