Feeling Rich? Tupac Shakur’s Mansion Is Up for Sale

Tupac Shakur’s former residence, a mansion in Woodland Hills, California, is up for sale, and it’s a real doozy. The $2.6 million property — which was more recently inhabited by DJ Lethal from Limp Bizkit (*slow clap*) — was rented by Tupac and his fiancée Kidada Jones in 1995, though their life together was cut short by Tupac’s tragic murder the next year.

Now, after significant renovations, the house is on the market. Some of Tupac’s marks on the house still stand, however — a concrete slab on the side of the building is engraved with the lyrics “Outlawz” and “Let no man separate what we create.”

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Even putting hip-hop history aside, the house itself is pretty magnificent. It’s a six-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom with a two-car garage and a carport that can fit up to 15 cars. Finally, I’ll have room for all of my vehicles! (Just kidding. I don’t have a car.)

Tupac Shakur's mansion is up for sale: The front entrance is a showstopper.
Image: Keller Williams/Zillow

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The kitchen looks like a dream — it’s got granite countertops, French pillowstone flooring and a six-burner Vulcan range that includes two griddles. Like, it takes me a full hour to make a batch of pancakes using my nonstick skillet, but with two built-in griddles? You could have pancakes for the whole neighborhood in minutes. Now that’s luxury.

Tupac Shakur's mansion boasts a total dream kitchen.
Image: Keller Williams/Zillow

There’s also a full outdoor kitchen, an outdoor lounge with fireplaces and a beautiful pool and hot tub, so residents can spend plenty of time outside enjoying the California sun.

Tupac Shakur's mansion has ample outdoor space, include a full kitchen and pool.
Image: Keller Williams/Zillow

When you’re done frolicking outdoors, you can retire to the master bedroom, which boasts three walk-in closets, its own living room, an en suite bathroom and a fireplace. Casual!

Tupac Shakur's mansion has a luxurious master bedroom.
Image: Keller Williams/Zillow

The house is still on the market, and at $2,659,000 for 5,895 square feet previously occupied by a music legend, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

Let’s just hope I remember to pick up a Powerball ticket the next time I’m at the store, because I’ve got a good feeling about this place.

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