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Aura Is the “It” Meditation App Everyone Should Be Using

It’s hard to remember to relax when you have a deadline to meet, a dinner date to make, and a million errands to complete all by the end of the week. Take a deep breath and say hello to your new lifesaver, Aura. Aura Premium offers 3-minute guided meditations every day designed to relieve you of frequent stress and anxiety.

Take a deep breath and reboot…

The Aura Premium app was carefully crafted by top meditation teachers and therapists to bring you effective, science-backed mindfulness mediation exercises that you can complete faster than it takes to finish your morning cup of coffee. Aura prides itself on its ability to completely personalize your meditation experience and accommodate your specific needs.

From keeping track of your mood patterns over time to using AI technology to sense your needs, Aura uses advanced technology to make every user’s experience unique. Whether you’re feeling sad, anxious or generally happy, you’ll be able to choose from a handful of meditations to best suit your mental state. It even sends you friendly reminders to pause and get centered because let’s face it—we get busy sometimes.

Simply choose between 3, 7 or 10-minute meditation sessions depending on your availability and comfort level. You can even save your favorite meditations and refer back to them whenever you’d like. Meditation has a lot to do with consistency, which is why these short meditations are perfect for doing once a day, or however often you feel comfortable doing them.

Award-winning app means results.

Sure, there are a handful of other meditation apps out there, but Aura Premium offers something different: tailored, quick meditations that you can do anytime, any place. That’s why the app has been praised by many major publications like Forbes, TechCrunch, TeenVogue and Brit+Co, just to name a few. The Aura Premium app received 5/5 Stars in over 1200 app store ratings and was ranked Apple’s #1 New App in February.

Start relaxing early because this useful Aura Premium App is now offering a lifetime subscription for only $59.99, an 84% discount. That’s a lot less than you’d spend on monthly yoga and meditation class memberships. We can feel the anxiety lifting already.

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