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Tuesday Isn’t the Cheapest Day to Buy Flights Anymore


SheKnows Editorial

As someone who travels regularly, I’ve always held hard and fast to a couple of travel bargain-hunting rules. Chief among them is that Tuesday is reportedly the cheapest day to book plane tickets. But it turns out that in this digital age of ours, that’s no longer true.

According to data collected by flight-booking sight Hopper, Thursday is the new cheapest day to buy domestic flights — they’re $12 to $15 cheaper, while international flights are about $20 cheaper.

But for bigger savings on international flights, book them on Mondays. On average, you could save about $30 per flight. It’s not much (especially since international flights are pricy to begin with), but hey, it’ll cover the cost of a checked bag at the least.

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So what’s with the change in pricing trends? Managers used to create flash sales on Tuesdays and Wednesdays back when ticket sales were less automated and they could decide to do so when the impulse hit. But now that everything is done online, the system is automated in a way that makes last-minute sales (especially those that aren’t booked directly through the airline’s website) impossible.

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Strangely, there is one day you should avoid booking tickets: Sunday. Flights tend to be more expensive that day, though no one knows why; maybe it’s because everyone procrastinates their travel planning until the last day of the weekend, and there’s a big crush to book, driving up prices?

Either way, you can disregard the old Tuesday buying rule from now on when it comes to making your flight purchases.

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