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Apparently, Donald Trump Likes to Watch HGTV on Air Force One


It’s fair to say being the president is a demanding job. You have all sorts of important business to conduct, meetings with foreign leaders, executive orders to pass. So it makes sense that you’d need some downtime every now and then, whether on the golf course or while traveling on board Air Force One.

What does Donald Trump like to watch when he just needs a little soothing, guilty-pleasure TV? According to one White House reporter, that very well might be HGTV’s Property Brothers.

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This tidbit was discovered and tweeted about by eagle-eyed reporter Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press. Lemire was aboard Air Force One and noticed that the TVs on board the presidential plane were scheduled to record episodes of the show.

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While of course we can’t confirm that Trump himself is the one who’s got a soft spot for HGTV (it could be Melania Trump or another staffer on board the plane) an interest in a show about real estate would make total sense. Still, who knew he had an interest in fixer-uppers?

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