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Why Democrats Lost & Will Continue to Lose According to Ana Navarro & Joy Reid

Nicaraguan-born American political strategist and Republican journalist for CNN Ana Navarro joined MSNBC reporter Joy Reid onstage at the #BlogHer17 conference in Orlando Friday morning, and the two had some strong advice for Democrats.

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The discussion was moderated by John Avlon, editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast, and he posed several candid questions for Navarro and Reid. To start, Reid and Navarro pointed out exactly how Republicans have become so powerful. Reid stated, “They have traded all their principles for power… Unfortunately, we have one party that has decided that Donald Trump is worth it. That it’s worth it to have total power in Washington, even to look away from what Russia did to our election… No one is willing to reign this president in because he is a Republican and they are Republican.”

Navarro added, “The idea that they can get some Republican agenda out of this is making them look the other way on things that for me are unacceptable. I am an American before I am a Republican.”

Essentially, Republicans have decided that power in Washington is more important than having a moral president in office despite any personal conflicts or issues they may have with Trump. Navarro continued to express that this has had at least one positive impact.

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“The good news is a lot more people want to run and are expressing that interest of running more than ever before. One of the silver linings of Donald Trump — and you know, there’s only, like, three — is that he has woken something in America and hopefully that woken-ness translates to running for office and better candidates.”

So what advice did the two journalists have for Democrats?

“There is no unrequited love and desperation like the desperation of Democrats to get Republicans to become Democrats and vote for Democrats. Republicans vote for Republicans; it’s what they do… And the idea that Democrats are literally tearing their hair out and looking for a compromise and reboot because they couldn’t win races in Kansas, South Carolina, Montana and Georgia — all red states, red districts… Give me a break,” Reid said. “Democrats need to calm down, stop panicking all the time and start thinking about the 72 districts that are more Democratic-leaning.”

She continued, “Republicans are only good at one thing. Republicans only do base politics; they don’t do persuasion politics. You don’t see Republicans sitting around whining about why they can’t get Democrats to vote for them. They look at their race, they know who they are, what they want, what will scare them, what will excite them, and they just do that. Democrats are chasing Republicans rather than getting Democrats to the polls.”

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Democrats need to take some notes from the Republican Party if they want to gain some power in 2020. Navarro and Reid agree that Democrats trying to convert Republicans is a waste of time and effort. In order to establish real change, Democrats need to focus on their base and getting that base out to the polling stations.

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