This Simple Tool Will Protect Your Personal Info From Hackers

In recent years, some of the world’s most highly sought-after information has fallen into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, our cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices are just as susceptible to being compromised. Looking for a simple way to protect your identity and privacy? Consider a VPN solution.

VPN Unlimited, currently 90 percent off its normal sale price, provides lifetime protection of your Wi-Fi and cellular connections and secures your online activity with the click of a button. Once downloaded and activated, your VPN protects your devices from hackers and other potentially harmful parties (including internet service providers who can legally sell your private data). The VPN Unlimited Package also comes with a DNS firewall to block ads, malware and tracking systems.

Consider your connections and content insured and your identity safe for just $49.99.

Find the deal here, and start protecting yourself today.

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