5 Effective Ways to Get Over Losing Your Job

By Kimberly Gohringer

When I was laid off from my big, cushy corporate job last year, all kinds of negative emotions came flooding in — fear, anger and rejection being just a few. Yet at the same time, I also felt a huge sense of relief. I had a moment of pure clarity when I just felt giddy happiness. And that was what I tapped into from that day forward — there had to be a reason I felt so relieved to lose my job.

As time and further introspection rolled by, I acknowledged the role I’d played in leading to the layoff. I said and did things that ultimately led to it because I was just so miserable every day. It wasn’t the tasks — I love writing, really any form of it. It was the internal politics and interactions with negative people who enjoyed making pot-stirring and backstabbing an Olympic sport. What was most disappointing to me were the women involved in it. Who has time for that? Not this girl!

So then what to do? I didn’t want to go back into corporate America (which is exactly where I am now, but read on, it’s a happy ending!) I realized that all the self-help books and my quest to live a positive, spiritual life that had helped me survive corporate America, divorce, menopause and my child’s chronic illness was what I really wanted to concentrate on full time. I feel absolutely compelled to take my life experiences, continue adding excellent training to them, be a coach and empowering mentor to women and girls.

I’ve eagerly created a way to move from employee to entrepreneur over the past year. I hope these tips and experiences I’ve had will help you move forward in your life and get to a happier place sooner.

1. Get in touch with your passions

It took me a while to figure this part out. I’ve been involved in so many things I love over the years — being a makeup artist, getting my esthetician’s license, reading and seeking self-help and spiritual guidance. At first, these were all separate in my mind, and I viewed them on a timeline from past to future. But what if I could take elements of all the things I love and create a business and message that makes me feel good every day? Read on to No. 5…

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2. Get clear on your goals

I learned how important this is when I got my certifications in neuro-linguistic programming. We call it creating a well-formed outcome. It’s looking at your goals and then breaking them down, seeing where there are opportunities for strengths and weaknesses, and building it all back up to create a solid, well-formed outcome. Doing this can help you move forward in your career or any area of your life in significant ways.

3. Remove roadblocks

While we may all get fixated on roadblocks that are happening right in front of us on a daily basis, many times we need to go back to where the problem started. In NLP coaching, we use a number of tools to help clients remove fears, anxiety, phobias or even root out illness. Often, there’s a feeling behind whatever it is that can be addressed and replaced via NLP tools like timeline or core transformation. It’s so freeing and life-changing. I recommend it for anyone who feels stuck.

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4. Get any training you need

We all have basic life experiences that push us in one direction or another in terms of career choices. Find your lane and then pursue training, education and gaining experience there. When you find your passion and your lane, learning, working and helping others becomes an absolute joy.

5. Create multiple streams of income

When people ask what I do now, I always say I pursue multiple streams of income. My cushy corporate job paid well with great insurance (and benefits that included lifesaving insulin for my daughter). I decided that I was never going to put that kind of responsibility in any one employer’s hands again. My multiple streams of income include running Airbnb out of my home (I’ve become a SuperHost!); being a Posholicious rep for an amazing skin care line, Perfectly Posh; building my life-coaching business; creating online courses and webinars to inspire and mentor women; and freelance writing. Each one of these streams brings me joy and income. What a great career to have!

Originally published on Fairygodboss.


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