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The Easiest Way to Get Pretty Beach Waves Today

We have many dreams in life, and one of them is to wake up every single morning with perfect, Blake Lively-esque beachy waves like we just took a nap on the shores of Ibiza after surfing with our kick-ass surfer skills that we, of course, totally have. But alas, that’s not reality, and most mornings, our hair looks like a Swamp Thing fighting against the constraints of a ponytail holder.

Perfect beachy waves
Image: ImaxTree

But trust us when we say that beachy waves are definitely doable as long as you’ve got the right tutorial — which according to the 1 billion relatively awful ones currently on YouTube is not as easy as you’d think. So we went through them all to find you the very best how-to that doesn’t require a ton of products or extensions or unrealistic back-combing or even skills — just a simple curling wand and some hairspray or texturizing spray, all compliments of beauty vlogger Brianna Fox.

Perfect easy beachy waves
Image: ImaxTree

The trick to natural-looking waves, as you’ll see, is to alternate the direction you curl each section of hair, angling some toward your face and some away from your face. Sounds too obvious and easy, but it seriously does make all the difference. So watch the tutorial below and try it out on yourself tomorrow.

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