The 13 Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017

May 25, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET

By: Elly Leavitt

Home is where the heart is, and the heart of most homes is the kitchen. It's where everyone gathers, chats and — most important — eats. That's why it's so key to design it well so that it's a place where people want to be.

Whether your personal taste tends toward airy and bright, sleek and modern or rustic and cozy, the 13 kitchens ahead will give you serious inspiration for how to update your own.

Cozy farmhouse kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Cozy farmhouse kitchen
Image: Rikki Snyder

When designing this enormous 12,000-square-foot home, Tamara Magel wanted to emulate a cozy, farmhouse feel. She did this in the kitchen by incorporating an oak ceiling —reminiscent of European farmhouses— and adding small details like fluffy chair throws and industrial-chic light fixtures to create a quaint yet luxurious dining area.

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1920s kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017:1920s kitchen
Image: Scott Rickles

The before pictures of this 1920s kitchen are almost unrecognizable compared to the bright and sunny space it became! Adding a fresh coat of teal paint to the cabinetry instantly livened up the room with a pop of color.

Sleek living space

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Sleek living space
Image: Reagan Taylor

Combining classic elegance with modern functionality, designer Jessica Davis turned this kitchen into a sleek living space, which thanks to the inviting bar section is prime for get-togethers.

1930s fixer-upper

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: 1930s fixer-upper
Image: Callie Hobbes

This 1930s fixer-upper got a modern update that’s reflected perfectly in the airy new kitchen. We love the contrast of the deep green cabinetry with the white backsplash and countertops.

Fresh-feeling kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Fresh-feeling kitchen
Image: Raquel Langworthy

The abundance of greenery and the natural texture of the woven seats make for quite the fresh-feeling kitchen. The built-in bench both saves space and encourages big family dinners.

Black and white

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Black and white
Image: Laure Joliet

This kitchen is a lesson in decorating with black and white! The black wood flooring paired with white marble countertops make the ultimate statement — even the pendant lights are chic.

Uptown kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Uptown kitchen
Image: Victor Harshbarger

This gorgeous Upper East Side kitchen is equal parts luxe and homey. The modern wooden cabinetry is a central part of the decor, reflected everywhere from the fruit bowl centerpiece to the neatly stacked cutting boards.

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Open kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Open kitchen
Image: Jeremy Liebman

When working with primary colors, it’s best to keep the rest to a minimalist neutral in order to really make the vibrant shades pop. Here, handmade black and white Moroccan tiles and a simple white tile backsplash section off the open kitchen from the rest of the home.

Clean and bright

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Clean and bright
Image: FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh founder Shannon McLinden spends most of her time working in the kitchen, so she opted for a clean and bright design. To incorporate a traditional ranch design — she lives in Texas, after all — she added in a farmhouse sink, vintage signs and rustic gunmetal stools.

Brooklyn kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Clean and brightBrooklyn kitchen
Image: Michael Wiltbank

Everything about Dan Pelosi’s bold and vibrant Brooklyn apartment is colorful perfection, particularly the kitchen. We love his commitment to incorporating bright shades everywhere, from the unique teal pendant light to his flawlessly color-coordinated cookbook collection.

Two-toned kitchen

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Two-toned kitchen
Image: Amy Bartlam

This perfectly executed two-toned kitchen seamlessly blends two unique design aesthetics with a large wooden island and natural decor. Designer Natalie Myers really nailed the California-cool motif she was aiming for in this home makeover.

Open concept

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Open concept
Image: Juho Huttunen

It should come as no surprise that Marimekko’s president and CEO Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko has a home reminiscent of the brand’s signature bold prints and colors. Her open-concept kitchen, which is perfect for entertaining, relies on a few punchy prints to spice up the otherwise neutrally-colored area.

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Custom cabinetry

Best Kitchens We've Seen in 2017: Custom cabinetry
Image: Julia Brenner

The kitchen was the biggest splurge for interior designer Alex Kaehler, and it definitely paid off. When renovating her Chicago townhouse, she invested in high-quality appliances and opted for custom-made cabinetry to create a space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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