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9 Adventurous 1-Day Trips That’re Super-Crazy — but Probably in Your Area

It’s summer, which means the sun is shining and beckoning you to emerge from that winter coma into the glory that is nature. It’s time to gather the troops and stretch your adventure-loving muscles.

Everybody loves a good hike; however, you can only hit up your local trails so many times before things start to get predictable. But, y’all, it’s 2017, and there are so many trendy outdoor adventures going on all over the United States. Spice up your summer with these new and unique excursions that are sure to check off some items on your bucket list.

We’ve provided some general ideas, but all you gotta do is hit up Google to find something near you.

1. Whitewater rafting

Not only is whitewater rafting a great workout and a sure adrenaline rush, but it’s also the perfect team-building adventure for your family or friend group. Rafting has been around forever, but there are so many guided tours now that can take you on super-wild rides. This is not your parents’ river float.

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2. Hot-air ballooning

Typical hot-air balloon rides will bring you 2,000 feet above ground, floating leisurely across the land. If you find yourself in Albuquerque in October, then you can join them for their infamous International Balloon Fiesta, but the city offers balloon rides all year long. You can also find noteworthy sky tours in Quechee, Vermont, Castile, New York, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

3. Bouldering

Oh, the joy that is bouldering. Discover your inner child as you leap between rocks and clamber to the top of a rocky outcropping. No matter where you live, there is sure to be a satisfying rock to tackle. Some noteworthy scenic places include Joy’s Valley in Utah, Hueco Tanks in Texas and Horse Pens 40 in Alabama.

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4. Zip-lining tours

Experience the world in a completely unique way with zip-lining tours. Don’t think of this as “weeeeeeee” and you’re done. We’re talking interactive excursions that will take you through four zips, a cargo net, a Charlie Chaplin bridge, a rope vine traverse and a railroad bridge, like the Spring Mountain tour in Pennsylvania. Also worth noting are the Treetop Canopy Tour in New Hampshire and Dollywood’s SkyZip in Tennessee.

5. Wing walking

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Only serious daredevils allowed for this one. Wing walking involves being strapped to, yes, the wing of a plane as you experience flying more like birds than humans. As you can imagine, wing walking takes some training before you vault up in the air, but if you’re serious about taking to the skies, Washington state is the trip for you.

6. Zorbing

What is zorbing, you ask? Well, it’s basically this sport in which you climb inside a transparent inflatable ball and roll yourself down a hill. Yes, I know. Awesome. Locations for this activity are cropping up all over the country in states like Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

7. Mud running
The popularity of mud runs and adventure obstacle courses has only grown over the past few years, making it the perfect day activity for friends and family. Get down and dirty, but prepare to have mud in some unmentionable places for days. Trust me; it’s worth it.

8. Kayaking

If there’s a lake near you, then there’s kayaking potential. Not only is it a great workout, but you’ll get to experience a place in a whole new intimate way. It’s also an ideal partner activity if you’re looking for some good team-building opportunities.

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9. Sandboarding

Now that summer is upon us, ditch the snow skiing and give sandboarding a go. Described as a blend between snowboarding and surfing, sandboarding offers that adrenaline rush all year long. Though it’s a relatively new craze to hit the United States, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area not only provides 40 private acres for your sandboarding pleasure, but also equipment rentals and instruction all in one place.

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