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8 Totally Simple Ways to Bust Out of a Bad Mood in a Hurry

Bad moods… they happen to the best of us, right? Sometimes there’s a specific reason for feeling out of sorts, and other times it’s one of those unfortunate funks that seem to sneak in and grab you when you least expect it.

That’s the not-so-good news. The better news is that bad moods aren’t too terribly difficult to kick to the curb. Sure, sometimes they may seem unshakable. However, there are a surprising number of ways to ditch a funk and find your way back to joy.

Need a jump-start? Here are eight totally simple suggestions.

1. Watch something funny

If ever there were a good excuse to cue up that viral video of “Chewbacca Mom” or a cat fleeing the scene of a cucumber, the time is now — laughter has proven mood-boosting benefits.

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2. Make up a mantra

Preferably while you’re in a good mood, make up a mantra for battling bad moods. A 2013 study out of Carnegie Mellon University found that positive self-affirmation served as a shield against the damaging psychological effects of stress. (I borrowed mine from Grey’s Anatomy: “You are the sun.”)

3. Take a walk

Or if you’re in too much of a funk at the moment to exert that much energy, simply find a stoop to sit on and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. In addition to depression-fighting vitamin D, nature is chock-full of health benefits that can quickly lead to a reduction in negative thoughts.

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4. Break out a coloring book and some crayons

Did you know that being creative — and coloring specifically — really does combat stress? Psychologists throughout history have in fact used coloring as a relaxation technique. Perk? You don’t even have to hijack your kids’ art supplies anymore since they now make coloring books for grown-ups too.

5. Pour a glass of super cold iced tea

Nowadays teas come in such a variety of flavors, it almost feels ceremonious when you settle on the perfect one. Plus, there’s just something about a glass of iced tea that’s kinda nostalgic and makes you feel better about the world — and NESTEA new Slightly Sweet Black Tea is just the ticket.

6. Plan a trip

You know that vacation you’ve been dreaming of taking forever? Go ahead and start planning it mid-meltdown. Even if you won’t be able to take the trip in the immediate future, thinking about it and getting excited about future adventures will pull you right out of your present funk.

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8. Smile at someone

Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy… if you smile at someone and brighten their day, that person’s smile will bounce back at you and authenticate your smile. You’ll actually feel like smiling! That’s because the simple act of smiling, even if it’s forced, has the ability to influence your mood for the better.

9. Snuggle something tiny and cute

Let’s be real — there’s no bad mood in the world that stands a chance against a baby. Whether you’re hugging on and inhaling the sweet scent of a tiny human or cuddling a puppy, kitten or other small and furry creature, there’s a lot to be said for the uplifting power of new life.

This post is sponsored by NESTEA.

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