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10 Simply Wonderful Things That Only Happen in the Summer

Ah, summertime. When the middle months of the year roll around, that familiar feeling starts to take hold — the anticipation of the sunny fun that’s sure to come.

But it isn’t just the warmer weather that makes summer so special. Rather, it’s about a million little things that take hold of your soul and give this ephemeral season its sense of magic. Since we don’t have room to list them all, here are 10 simply wonderful reasons to love summer.

1. Cooling off in the ocean

Image: Giphy

It’s the way you can taste the salt on your lips or how running in the shallow surf against the receding tide makes you feel like Mother Ocean is literally pulling you back into her fold. It’s the beautiful breathlessness that comes from wading against the waves. And it’s the way, long after your feet hit dry sand, your hair crunches and makes you feel like a mermaid.

2. Chasing lightning bugs

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It begins during the mystical hour of day when the sun starts to sink, bleeding her colors across the dusky sky. The air gets thick with a humming chorus of crickets and frogs and if you’re lucky, tiny pinpricks of light punctuate the inky night. Is there anything that captures the wonder of childhood more than fireflies?

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3. Sippin’ iced tea

Sweet tea
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Life’s greatest simple pleasures will always include the sweet respite that comes from a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day — preferably from a Mason jar and ideally sittin’ on a porch somewhere trading stories (read: gossiping) with kindred spirits. This summer we’re super-excited to be sippin’ on NESTEA’s Peach Flavored Tea because the only thing that could make iced tea more summery is peaches. Duh.

4. Biting into a juicy slice of watermelon

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You may be able to buy watermelon other times of year, but nothing compares to the perfection of summer-ripened watermelon. Whether you eat it by the slice or slice it down the middle and dig right into the heart with a fork, summer watermelon just tastes better. So good, in fact, that you don’t mind the sticky-sweet juice that trickles down and drips off your face.

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5. Sitting through a summer storm

Summer storm
Image: Giphy

Summer thunderstorms shift the energy in the air, making everything feel heavy with anticipation. There’s even a heady, organic smell that carries in the air just before the skies let loose, isn’t there? When the rain finally comes, it seems to elicit a sigh of relief as it bounces off leaves and quenches the hot earth.

6. Taking a nap after a day in the sun

Summer nap
Image: Giphy

There’s a beautiful exhaustion that comes from a day spent beneath the summer sun. Whether it was spent tilling a garden, collecting seashells at the beach with your kids or simply hanging out in the backyard, time in the sun this time of year yields some of the most sound sleep any of us will ever experience.

7. Driving with the windows down

Road trip
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Or if your ride has a removable roof, with the top down. Because as hot as the air outside is and as cool as your AC blows, nothing feels as good during the summer as fast cars and freedom. Crank that radio up and belt out the hits at the top of your lungs!

8. Stretching a late-afternoon BBQ into an all-evening BBQ

Grilling out
Image: Giphy

Perhaps no season encourages lingering longer like summer does, and no event is better suited for leisurely loitering than a summer BBQ. When you’ve got a fired up grill, a few refreshing beverages and some good friends, well, you’ve pretty much got it all.

9. Waking up to the sound of a lawn being mowed

fresh cut grass
Image: Giphy

While this might not be a welcome sound any other time of the year, there’s something about waking up to the steady drone of a lawn mower that makes the day feel rife with possibility. It doesn’t hurt that accompanying that sound is a quintessential summer scent: the smell of freshly cut grass.

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10. Going on summer vacation

Summer vacation
Image: Giphy

You know, the kind of trip where you scarf down hot dogs and snow cones from a street vendor. You load up on kitschy souvenirs from an overpriced gift shop and haven’t a care in the world about who thinks you’re a tourist. Summer vacations are made for being in the moment, wherever those moments may be.

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