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50 Genius Wedding Ideas From Pinterest

If you’re deep into planning a wedding, there’s a 99.9 percent chance you’re feeling overwhelmed — but heading over to the magical world of virtual pin boards for some Pinterest wedding ideas will seriously help get you organized and totally inspire you too.

Whether you’re considering a traditional wedding or something a little out-of-the-box, Pinterest is teeming with gorgeous photos and links to tips, tutorials and ideas for where to shop to create the event of your dreams. It’s easier than ever to research cool, creative and unique wedding ideas that will truly set your night apart from the rest.

To get you thinking about ways to shake up your own wedding, we scoured Pinterest and gathered 50 ideas — some small, others slightly more thematic — to help you throw the most unique wedding ever.

Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Image: Studio DIY

1. Dip balloons in gold glitter for a glamorous, fun effect. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, tie one to the back of each chair. Otherwise, fill them with helium and let them fill the ceiling of your venue.

2. For gorgeous (and affordable) centerpieces, take cylindrical vases and submerge flowers in water.

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3. During your bachelorette party, have each bridesmaid wear lipstick and kiss the same sheet of card stock. Have them sign their name underneath, and frame the print.

Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Image: Fab You Bliss

4. Make a sign with your wedding’s hashtag so that wedding guests can tag their photos taken at your wedding.

5. Give your guests personalized tote bags for their wedding favor.

6. It sucks when you get stuck sitting at the back at the wedding and can’t see a thing. Make sure all your guests have a good view by positioning the chairs in a circle.

7. For an inside or nighttime wedding, light up your ceremony with a backdrop filled with strands of lights.

Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Image: Shine on with LB

8. Obviously, you and your bridesmaids will be having a fun night out at your bachelorette party. How cute would it be to make a print of fun morning-after mug shots?

9. Does your wedding venue have boring bathrooms? Spruce them up with these door dressings.

10. Grab a photo of you and your girls popping Champagne at your bachelorette party to remember the fun times you had.

Genius Wedding Ideas from Pinterest
Image: Martha Stewart Weddings

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