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5 Easy Updos That Anyone Can Do in Under 5 Minutes

In a perfect world, we would all get our hair styled into beautiful, natural-looking updos every morning by a team of wizard-like hairstylists, all while being massaged into oblivion by a personal masseuse. But, alas, this is real life, massages are expensive, and morning hair routines end up looking like a three-minute sprint, rather than an hourlong dream.

All of which means that your hair probably gets thrown into a topknot or ponytail more often than not, which can, after a few thousand days, feel boring and redundant. That’s where we come in. We rounded up the five prettiest, surprisingly simple updos that truly anyone can do in five minutes, whether you’ve got kinky, curly hair or flat and fine hair. Trust us — if you’ve ever worked a hair tie or a bobby pin or even attempted a braid once in your life, you will be able to do these hairstyles. Watch the tutorials below to get started and relish the billion compliments you’re about to get on your new go-to updo.

Super-soft lace braid

If you can braid your hair, swoop it into a bun and make the whole thing look a bit messy (trust us — you can), then you can master this super-simple and surprisingly chic bun.

Messy topknot bun

This fast and easy topknot requires only a few pins and elastics and can be done on any hair type or length. Yes, it will be your new favorite summer go-to style.

Rolled ponytail

Meet your holy grail ponytail for grown-out bangs or really bad hair days. Just twist the 2-inch sections of hair back into a ponytail, pin them and boom — you’re done.

The pineapple

A few dabs of coconut oil and styling lotion kick this pineappled style up a notch, and the ultra-thick hair band keeps even the thickest of curls from falling out.

Tucked & rolled updo

A few tucks, rolls and twists and you’ve got a retro, ‘50s-inspired updo.

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