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How to Get Big, Messy, Voluminous Hair in 4 Easy Steps

If you Google “sexy hair” right now, you’ll find about 26 million articles and images of women with tousled, messy, curly and straight hair, because attractiveness is so damn subjective and also because Google is weird. But the one thing all of these hairstyles do have in common is volume — lots and lots of soft, bouncy, gravity-defying volume, which as anyone who has ever tried to create by themselves knows is an incredibly difficult look to get at home.

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Hey, we’re big fans of sleek, flat-ironed hair too, but sometimes, we want to play around with having Victoria’s Secret-level hair. You know, the kind that looks like it’s being perpetually blown by a soft breeze from the shores of Ibiza? So we asked hairstylist and all-around wizard Jasmine Santiago to show us exactly how to create bouncy, messy, voluminous hair fit for a photo shoot sans a ton of tools (or skills). Click through our GIF-filled tutorial ahead to find out exactly how to get the look at home, and try not to freak out too much when you realize it’s only four steps long.

Photographer: Tory Rust

Model:  Olga with MSA Models

Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci

Hair: Jasmine Santiago

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STEP 1: Roll it out
Image: Tory Rust

Step 1: Roll it out

Surprise! Hot rollers weren’t just for your mom in the ’80s — they’re also truly one the of best ways to get bouncy, Victoria’s Secret-level volume that seriously lasts. To start, brush through your hair (if you have curls, blow them out or lightly straighten them first), then section off a 3-inch chunk of hair at your roots. Lift the hair up and pull it forward at an angle, then place a heated roller underneath the ends and roll it down, securing the roller against your scalp with the included clip. Repeat with the front sections of hair on either side of your part, then continue with the rest of your hair.

Products to try:

  1. T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe (T3, $119)
  2. Conair Jumbo Roller Instant Roller Heat Setter (Ulta, $34)
  3. Remington H9096 Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter (Walmart, $34)
STEP 2: Wait
Image: Tory Rust

Step 2: Wait

Taking your rollers out too soon is the enemy of volume and happiness. Seriously — wait until your rollers (not just your hair, but the actual rollers) are totally, 100 percent cold before unrolling them.
STEP 3: Unravel
Image: Tory Rust

Step 3: Unravel

Now for the fun part: the big reveal. Starting with the last roller you rolled, remove the clip and gently unravel the hair. Continue unclipping and unrolling, letting your curls hang loose and untouched.
STEP 4: Add some texture
Image: Tory Rust

Step 4: Add some texture

To keep your volume from deflating by the end of the hour, you’ll need to add some grip and texture to your (now) ridiculously soft hair. Blast your hair from root to tip with a veil of texturizing spray, then gently brush through your curls with a paddle brush, like the EcoTools Smoothing Detangler Brush, until your hair is soft and bouncy.

Products to try:

  1. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast (Living Proof, $29)
  2. Garnier Fructis Dry Touch Texture Tease Spray (Garnier Fructis, $4.29)
  3. Not Your Mother’s Double Take Dry Finish Texture Spray (Target, $6)
STEP 5: Become a model
Image: Tory Rust

Step 5: Become a model

Flip your part around, spray your roots with more texturizing spray and keep the volume going long enough to land a gig with Victoria’s Secret. Or just show off your insanely volumized hair on social media like a normal person.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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