The Easy, Pretty Way to Fake Fuller Lips with Makeup

We’re all about trying new beauty trends, but there are some movements that can stay safely on our social media feeds (lookin’ at you, holographic hair and unicorn nails). But there’s one lip trend that we’ve been somewhat obsessed with since it popped onto our radar last summer: pink ombré lips.

It’s not that ombré lips just look cool — it’s that they also give your lips the illusion of being fuller thanks to the way the colors fade from dark to light, like a natural shadow on your mouth. Basically, ombré is like a contour for your lips, and thankfully, it’s not actually that hard to create as long as you’ve got a dark lip liner and a lighter lipstick, both in the same color family. So, for example, grab a burgundy liner and a bright, pink-purple lipstick a few shades lighter if you’re going for a pink ombré, which is ideal for spring.

The steps are simple: Outline your mouth and the corners of your lips with the liner, erring on the side of a thick, rather than thin, line. Fill in just the middle of your lips with your brighter lipstick, then paint over the liner too to softly blend the two together, without looking muddled. Yup — that’s it. It’s that simple.

But if all of that sounded like a garbled, jargon-y mess, check out this incredibly simple tutorial from beauty vlogger Alexandra, who breaks down the ombré trend on camera. And yes, her lips look legit perfect by the end, so you know it’s actually possible to do. Watch the view below, and then try the trend out on yourself this weekend!


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