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Doug the Pug Is Back and More Adorable Than Ever

If anything can make the start of your weekend even sweeter, it’s a pug parody. That’s right — Doug the Pug is back, and he’s better than ever in his paw-esome spin on the hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Doug didn’t choose the pug life, y’all. The pug life chose him, and he’s just making the best of it. You may well remember the flat-faced fellow going viral last year when he took on Stranger Things, another online sensation.

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And he found a way to dig even deeper into our collective hearts when he remade Beauty and the Beast starring him and, well, him. Watch out, Dan Stevens — Emma Watson would likely be no match for Doug the Pug’s next-level charm.

In fact, Doug has parlayed his intrinsic adorableness into quite the career as a thriving pug-preneur. Available for purchase on this enterprising pup’s official website is everything from tie-dye T-shirts to lapel pins featuring the likeness of our hero.

The self-professed “King of Pop Culture,” who’s amassed over 7 million followers on social media, even made his literary debut last year with a coffee table book. (BRB, adding that to my Amazon wish list as we speak.)

So while you may think it’s impossible to think Doug and his squishy pug face could get any cuter, you haven’t seen The Big Pug Theory yet. In the spot-on 20-second parody, Doug nails the parts of Sheldon, Penny, Leonard and Howard.

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On Facebook, Doug the Pug’s owner Leslie Mosier explained, “Doug had the amazing opportunity to film on the real set of The Big Bang Theory thanks to our friends at Warner Bros. Entertainment! Hope you guys love the video.”

Oh, we do, Leslie… we do.

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