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The Queen Meets an Elephant, Makes Our Day With Feel-Good Photos

Maybe it’s the politically sad state of our own nation, or maybe it’s just that she’s awesome, but whenever there’s fun news of the queen, we tend to get really, really excited. There’s just something so happy and pleasant about the British royals — plus, even when they do crazy things like refuse to travel without chocolate cake, they seem a lot saner and more stable than some other world leaders.

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, visited Whipsnade Zoo in England and took the time to meet the zoo’s nine resident elephants. One is actually named after the queen because she happened to be born a few days before the queen’s 90th birthday. They also met 7-year-old Donna, who was so excited to meet the Queen, she let her feed her a banana.

queen elephant
Image: Getty Images/Mark Cuthbert (Isn’t this photo “aww” on so many levels?)

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“The elephants, when they saw Her Majesty, were excited and we know that, actually, because we track their communications in the barn and we could see that they were excited with what was going on,” ZSL zoological director David Field said. And according to zoo officials, the queen was just as delighted to meet the elephants.

If only every political introduction could be as feel-good as when Queen Elizabeth meets animals who are nearly as regal as the queen herself.

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