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The 7 Best Curly Hair Routines to Try for Yourself

If you have curly hair, you most definitely have a curl routine that you’ve diligently followed for years and years. Maybe not always with the same set of products (hey, you never know which new product will be the one that revolutionizes your curls), but it’s probably pretty rare that you leave your hair untouched for more than a day.

But if you’ve been feeling a little meh about your hair lately — or maybe you just really want to try out a new routine that leaves you with a completely new set of curls — we’ve got you covered. We rounded up the best curl tutorials from the top beauty vloggers that address all of your hair issues, so you too can have your dream head of hair. Scroll down to find the video that works for you and get ready to have weeks and weeks of really good hair days.

YOU HAVE: Tight, S-wave curls

YOU WANT: Full, picked-out, voluminous curls

YOU HAVE: Dry, textured, undefined curls

YOU WANT: Hydrated, clumped curls

YOU HAVE: Long, undefined curls

YOU WANT: Smooth, perfectly coiled curls

YOU HAVE: Flat, second-day curls

YOU WANT: Springy, revived curls

YOU HAVE: Fuzzy, short curls

YOU WANT: Soft, rounded curls

YOU HAVE: Undefined curls that clump in weird spots

YOU WANT: Uniform, evenly spiraled curls

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