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10 Five-Minute Hairstyles You Need in Your Arsenal

Can we all just agree on something? Can we as women band together and just say one thing with one voice? Doing your own hair is really damn hard. Sure, we’ve all got our signature look down, but as a popular meme once pointed out, our hair usually appears in one of three stages: curled, top knot or homeless. Somewhere in our grand beauty education, most of us missed the class on hair. That’s why we’re bringing you easy styles you can do in five minutes or less. Assume selfie position, these are good.

1. Upgrade your ponytail

When is a ponytail not just ponytail? When it’s twisted, curled and work-worthy. YouTuber Bebexo’s channel is packed with gorgeous hairstyles, but her elevated ponytails are the perfect five-minute, I’m-crazy-late looks.

2. Insta-worthy updo

The word updo usually causes unpleasant flashbacks to high school prom and unfortunate, early 2000s, slicked-back, no-baby-hairs-left-un-gelled looks (carefully finished with butterfly clips, of course). This is not that updo. Meet your new Instagram-worthy, low-key updo courtesy of YouTube vlogger Alex Gaboury.

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3. Easy mermaid hair

Blogger Emily Meyers’ signature twisted braid is the stuff of #HairGoals legend. And it turns out it only takes two minutes to recreate. Check out her quick tutorial to get the look.

4. Short hair-savers

Short hair is no excuse for rocking the same look day after day. Thanks to innovative YouTubers such as Patry Jordan, there are a slew of ways to switch up short strands. Start with the three super-fast looks in this video.

5. Quick and chic

A five-minute hairstyle that’s Paris Fashion Week-approved? We’re in. Instagram-famous makeup guru and fashion darling Camila Coelho touts this fast and easy hairstyle as her go-to during the Fashion Month craze.

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6. Crazy-quick curls

If just the thought of curling your hair sends you into panic (never mind a braid or an updo), this five-minute tutorial from Kaushal Beauty will calm your fears. Her foolproof technique for getting big, luxurious curls is genius.

7. Natural hair know-how

If you have thick, natural hair, vlogger AsToldByAllie offers up four work- or school-friendly hairstyles you can master in minutes.

8. One-minute wonders

Really strapped for time? Abby from Twist Me Pretty debuted five easy hairstyles you can do in just one minute. Abby even timed herself to show how quick and easy these looks are. We especially love the knotted half-up look.

9. Curly hair game-changer

If you’ve got curly, natural hair, YouTuber Alyssa Forever’s lazy-day hairstyles are perfect for mornings when you want to look like you didn’t just hit the snooze button six times.

10. The ultimate easy updo

Headed to a festival, spring wedding or rooftop party? Try this style by YouTuber Estée Lalonde, which may be the easiest updo we’ve ever seen.
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