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The Ultimate Lipstick Tutorial to Get Perfect Lips

All right, we won’t pretend that putting on lipstick requires a four-year cosmetology degree or the steady hands of a cardiovascular surgeon, but anyone who has ever worn lipstick knows that there’s a significant difference between carefully applied lipstick and the I-don’t-have-time-just-throw-it-on lipstick. And sometimes, even your really diligent and patient application still looks like messy, feathery crap.

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But, hey, it’s not your fault — sometimes in beauty, you just don’t know there’s a better way to do something until your favorite beauty editors point it out to you, which is why we’re here to show you exactly how to apply lipstick for the absolute best, makeup artist-level finish. No, this isn’t a three-second hack that you can do with one hand while simultaneously wrangling your kids with the other. But if you have five minutes and a bit of patience, we promise the finished result is worth it.

And to get you started, we found the ultimate lipstick tutorial on the interwebs (really — we looked through them all) that is guaranteed to give you an insanely perfect lip. Watch the full video below, and then take all of the selfies to wow your Instagram friends.

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