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Set Your DVR, Because Trading Spaces Is Coming Back


SheKnows Editorial

Ten years ago, the world of television got a little darker after Trading Spaces went off the air. But it’s about to get really sunny in here again because TLC has announced that Trading Spaces is coming back in 2018!

Long before we started watching Fixer Upper and Property Brothers to get our home renovation jollies, we were watching neighbors swap homes. There, they would do some legitimately bonkers redesigning with some memorable makeovers, including covering a wall entirely in fake grass, making a room look upside down by putting the furniture on the ceiling, and giving someone a floor made of beach sand. Practical and modern they were not, but the most disastrous designs made for great television.

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In today’s reality home makeover climate of bright-white kitchens, reclaimed wood and open floor plans, Trading Spaces could inject a dose of much-needed fun. Like, what is the best way to redesign your peach farming neighbor’s 5-by-5-foot living room? And if your best friend who lives next door is obsessed with the Red Sox, she probably wants her dining room floor covered in Astroturf… right?

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The victories and spoils of watching real people make and execute design choices makes for great TV. We’ve grown accustomed to the “real estate porn” side of the home makeover genre, but there’s something satisfying about watching an exhausted couple paint their neighbors’ ceiling lilac at 3 a.m. It brings an element of realness to the show — like, yeah, most of us aren’t going to navigate a complete room redesign with the expertise and grace of Joanna Gaines.

There’s no word if host Paige Davis or any of the original designers will return (what’s Ty Pennington up to these days?), but I’ll definitely be tuning in. After all, where else will I get the inspiration to create haphazardly constructed and overly-themed rooms for my future dream home?

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