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Joe Biden the Person Met Joe Biden the Dog and the Pictures Nearly Killed Us

Puppies are good. We can all agree on this. Joe Biden, former United States vice president, is also good. If you don’t believe us, please see any of the innumerable amazing and admirable things he’s done not only for America but also for his friendship with President Obama. He’s a great guy, OK?

But combining puppies with Joe Biden — I challenge you to come up with anything purer. While you’re trying, check out these pictures, which will actually melt your heart.

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Sydney, puppy Joe Biden’s owner, named her golden retriever after her favorite politician. “I really respect Joe Biden even though I don’t necessarily align with him politically,” she told BuzzFeed News.
She then brought little baby Biden to the capitol, where the former VP was speaking about the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Joe Biden the dog waited in line for four hours with his owner to meet his namesake, and the results were so cute, we barely know what to do with ourselves.
“As soon as he saw the dog during the actual speech, he pointed at the dog, tapped his friend and then started like cracking up. Right towards the end, I, like, kind of signaled him, and he, like, gave me a wink to come over,” Sydney said.

Then the two Bidens met, and the world exploded. Biden the human kissed Biden the dog when Sydney told him that the dog was named after him, which, of course he did.
So basically if your heart isn’t overflowing with love and happiness right now, you probably need to check your pulse.

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