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Target’s Big News Is Going to Make Shopping There Even Better


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Target has announced that it’s planning to redesign hundreds of its stores across the country, starting in Richmond, Texas. The brand is spending billions of dollars (yes, billions — I guess my Target beauty aisle splurges haven’t been for naught) to makeover their stores with “the company’s most ambitious store redesign to date,” and judging from the few pictures available, it really does seem like they’re taking the store’s look to the next level.

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Target main entrance
Image: Target

The Richmond store — the redesign “tester” store — will boast new features to make shopping even easier: There will be two entrances — one for regular shoppers and one for people picking up online orders or going through self-checkout to grab groceries, beer and wine. There will also be parking spaces dedicated to online shoppers who’ve placed orders, but don’t want to get out of the car — employees will bring merch right to your window (which will be a great perk for older people, those with medical issues, parents with young kids and… the very, very lazy among us).

Target curved aisles
Image: Target

The new interior design looks like it’ll be a lot more modern and easier on the eyes — less blinding white linoleum, more wood paneling and curved aisles that will make gliding through the different departments a little easier and more intuitive. There will also be large windows to let in natural light (something severely lacking in most big-box stores), and a revamp of the stores’ existing lighting (bye, fluorescence!). The food department is getting a sleek makeover too, with drop ceilings that will help mask the industrial warehouse vibe that Target stores have now.

Target's new grocery department
Image: Target

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Employees will also be able to help you pay without going to a register, so if you find yourself done with shopping and an employee is nearby, they can ring you up then and there. That’ll help cut down on long register lines (nothing kills a shopping high like a long wait to check out, amirite?).

Target plans to renovate 40 of their stores by October (I’m praying that includes the one near me!) and then will proceed with 500 more stores in 2018 and 2019 after collecting guest feedback on the new designs. A more streamlined shopping experience with better interior design? Like I needed an excuse to spend more of my money!

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