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How to Style Bangs 3 Different Ways

Whether you’re new to the bang game or you’ve been wrestling with your bangs for the last few years, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ve been annoyed with them at least once (or one million) times. Because unlike the rest of your hair, bangs seem to have a life of their own, looking phenomenal at random times of the night and like a wildebeest in the morning before you have to head to work.

Thankfully, though, all bangs can be easily styled and tamed as long as you have the use of a blow-dryer, a straightener or a curling iron. And, of course, your hands. To help you out, though, we rounded up our favorite bang-styling tutorials so you can see exactly how to style your bangs three different ways.

With a blow-dryer…

A round-brush, some hair clips and damp hair, and you’re ready to go.

With a curling iron…

We promise, you won’t end up with sausage-like prom curls.

With a flat-iron…

With a little wrist action, your bangs will be full of swoopin’ volume.

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