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These Airlines Give You the Most Legroom for Your Money


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Air travel has its perks (not getting dysentery during a monthslong wagon trek to visit family, for instance), but keeping up with modern standards of comfort isn’t always one of them. Unless you’re flying first class, chances are you feel a bit squished for a few hours while you fly between states or countries. That said, some airlines are better than others, and a new study by flight search engine Skyscanner discovered which ones offer the most legroom for the best price.

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The research found Turkish Airlines offers the best value, at $15.40 per inch of legroom (for 31 to 34 inches of legroom in their economy seats). But if you’re strictly after space, it’s Air Canada you want to fly — they offer 30 to 35 inches of legroom in economy class on most of their planes and 37 to 38 inches in premium economy. If you only want premium economy seating, and price isn’t as much of a concern, Norwegian airlines gives premium economy flyers a whopping 46 inches of legroom — a foot more than what they offer in standard economy (though the best premium economy bang-for-your buck is over at Qatar Airways).

Of course, premium economy, while not quite as luxurious as business class, can still double the cost of your ticket, but it makes long flights quite a bit more bearable when you can stretch out a little.

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For domestic flights, there’s a little less variety. JetBlue, as it famously claims, does offer the most legroom — 34 inches, to be exact. I’m a die-hard JetBlue fan for this very reason — entertainment and refreshment options aside, those few extra inches of comfort make all the difference, especially on cross-country flights. Spirit, meanwhile, only gives its passengers 28 inches of legroom, which is pretty much in keeping with other horror stories I’ve heard about the budget airline.

You can see all the details for international flights here and domestic legroom here. The next time you book a flight, arm yourself with this knowledge that could make your trip a little more comfortable.

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