6 Ways to Take a Better, More Efficient Shower

Long, hot showers with no one bothering you and time to ponder your day are little slices of bliss. But unfortunately, sometimes you just have to get in, make the most of your time and get out. Here’s how you can shower more efficiently when you need to.

1. Use better, faster products

From cleansing conditioners to double-sided soaps, there are lots of better, faster beauty products hiding in the beauty aisle. Our latest find is Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. What’s so special about it? It’s different because you apply it to wet skin just after showering, but before you dry off. The formula is water activated so it penetrates to the source of dryness and ends dry skin when used daily. No greasy or sticky feel and you can get dressed immediately.

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2. Bring your toothbrush

It’s common knowledge that you condition your hair and then shave while it soaks in. But on days I don’t have to shave, I brush my teeth in the shower instead. OK, I don’t just do it on no-shave days. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that once I get out of the shower, everything is done but hair and makeup — that head-to-toe clean feeling.

3. Only clean the dirtiest bits

Many soaps and body washes are loaded with harsh, drying ingredients like fragrance and foaming agents. Luckily, you can get away with skipping a full-body lather and just spot clean your skin. Karyn Grossman, a dermatologist in New York City, says you really only need to focus on areas where you sweat more, e.g., groin, armpits, buttocks and under your breasts. Maybe take a pumice stone to your feet and just rinse the rest.

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4. Add some aromatherapy

Why not supercharge your shower with some aromatherapy to energize you, relax you or make you feel more focused, all while getting clean? A shower infuser can get the job done, making your shower so much more than just a shower. It’s like a mini spa day that starts and/or ends your day right so everything else can fall into place a little easier (that’s the idea at least).

5. Keep a cleaning sponge in one corner

This tip is a little less glamour, a little more function. Take 30 seconds or less at the end of your shower and use your foot to give the shower floor a gentle scrub down. It makes house-cleaning days less of a headache and prevents grime from building up right under your feet. After all, a dirty shower is kind of contradictory, right?

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6. Dry brush, baby

While it’s pretty much been debunked that dry brushing magically rids your body of cellulite and flushes toxins, it’s not a total bust. It does temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, it plumps and exfoliates skin and it just plain feels refreshing. Carve out a few minutes preshower to dry brush once or twice a week. It may not make cellulite disappear, but it will make you feel alive.


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