Here’s Why You Should Plan Your Next Girls’ Night Out at Plant Nite

As a rule, I tend to avoid group activities. Not necessarily because I don’t like being in groups of people, but because I usually find them cheesy and I don’t really like being told what to do en masse. But I jumped at the idea of covering Plant Nite — an event where participants make terrariums, drink and be merry — because the end goal for my apartment is for it to look like the one belonging to that creepy guy in Twin Peaks.

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My event was at a hotel in midtown Manhattan (although Plant Nite hosts events in 50 cities across the U.S.), and upon arrival, we were given Plant Nite personalized aprons, which I loved. There was still about 10 minutes until the event started, so I grabbed an amaretto sour and a sandwich because I hadn’t eaten dinner, and despite my tough and hardened exterior, I have the tolerance of a 2-year-old and would have been out before we got to the actual planting part if I didn’t get anything in my stomach.

When we started making the terrarium (a simple glass bowl that would eventually house the plants), the night moved along quite nicely.

The first thing I noticed when we started was the fact that you need approximately no planting skills to follow these instructions. The instructor was incredibly clear and helpful, which was nice, because I was convinced for the first 10 minutes that I hadn’t put enough rocks in. This is around the same time that I decided to start eating for some reason, and if you’ve never eaten half of a ham sandwich with one hand and scooped soil into a bowl with the other, I do not recommend it.

After this, came (in my opinion) the most exciting part of the night: choosing your succulents. They were all tiny and adorable and it pained me to only choose three, but sacrifices must be made at Plant Nite. With much deliberation, I chose mine and carefully planted them. I’ve never been a parent, but I imagine this is exactly how it feels to see your newborn child for the first time. These tiny life forms were now under my care. The responsibility weighed heavily, but I feel like I can handle it.

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They provided us with little accoutrements — rocks, crystals and moss — to make the terrarium more aesthetic. I immediately went overboard, because of course I did, but after seeing others’, I dialed it back to just a few rocks and crystals. I ended up with what I perceived as a classy, natural environment that I decided to name William Henry Terrarison, because I’m apparently a huge nerd.

Image: Andrea Kay Images

If, like me, you’re not much of a partier (or honestly, even if you are) Plant Nite will be kind of perfect for you. The atmosphere is relaxed enough that you can take your time to sip your drink and talk to your friends or the others at the event and never feel rushed or overwhelmed. There’s also a wonderful sense of satisfaction when the night is over that you’ll wake up in the morning with something you made and not a hangover. (Or maybe both? I’m not judging.)

Overall, I had a really great time at Plant Nite. The environment was nice and welcoming, and making the terrarium was incredibly easy for obvious beginners like myself. I loved the finished product, and since it requires the literal least amount of care, I’m optimistic about its chances of surviving past next week.

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This post was sponsored by Plant Nite.


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