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You Need to See This Reddit User’s Brilliant Trick for Drying Makeup Brushes

K, so obviously, all of us wash our makeup brushes every other day because we are all good little makeup lovers who dutifully follow the rules of hygiene, etc, etc. But even if you only wash your brushes once a year, you know how annoying it is to dry the damn things. Like, sure, you can precariously hang them off a ledge hoping enough air flow will get to them or you can just let them sit on a towel, collecting moisture and mold. Or you can do what this insanely clever person on Reddit did and devise a drying rack for your makeup brushes that allow them to hang upside-down while drying. And yes, we urge you to choose the latter option.

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The post, which has steadily grown in popularity over the last few hours since it was submitted, includes a picture of dozens of makeup brushes tethered to a rail using elastic hair bands. The user, memerrmaiden, wrote “I saw some genius on here drying their brushes like this, and I was inspired to wash mine!” (So, OK, clearly this person wasn’t the first to come up with the idea, but we’re giving them all of the credit right now, anyway).

Makeup brush drying rack
Image: Mermaiden/Reddit

Memermaiden used the elastics to tether the wet brushes to a clothing rail, wrapping one end of the elastic around the handles of the brush, looping the elastic around the rail, and sliding it over the tops of the brushes. And if you think, damn, I don’t have a clothing rail and I live in a shoebox with no room for this, Reddit has you covered: “I think hangers would also work, if someone doesn’t have a towel rack,” wrote one user. Nope, that brilliant idea didn’t come to our minds, either.

And although there are no guarantees, we think this drying-rack trick might just make us wash our brushes a bit more frequently. Or at least complain a little less when we actually do it. (Hey, we’re only human, OK?)

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