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If You’re Forgetful, You’ll Love Google Maps’ New Lists Option


SheKnows Editorial

If your phone is full of random texts to yourself and typo-filled thoughts entered hastily into your Notes app, get excited. Google Maps just announced a new feature called Lists, which will make it way easier to keep track of restaurants, stores, galleries and even friends’ houses on a map. That’s right! No more texts to friends whose places you’ve been to a million times: “What’s your street number again?”

You can mark the different spots on the map and file them under different lists, like “Restaurants to try,” or “Best baby stores.” Way easier than trying to keep track of places you want to visit or remember — and it will eliminate the problem of falling in love with a little boutique and forgetting the name and address later. You can also share lists with people, so you can give and get recommendations from friends for everything from bars to hair salons.

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I’m particularly excited about tracking restaurants. I live in a big city, and sometimes I get so overwhelmed trying to decide where to eat at the last minute that I end up staying in. Now, I can just add the restaurants I’m eager to try to a list as I come across them, and when I don’t know where to go for dinner, I’ll have my picks all in one place.

While the main purpose of Google Maps’ Lists seems to be earmarking places you want to visit when traveling to new cities, think about how convenient it will be for organizing your life in your own town too. You can also download lists and maps to view and edit offline so if you’re relying on them while on the go and lose service, you won’t be hung out to dry.

The new feature is available now, so what are you waiting for? Get listing!

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