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This Sex Toy Company Founder Wants Women to Come First (Literally)

As a writer and editor covering sex and relationships, I’ve seen my fair share of new sex toys and products. And I know for a fact — without naming any names — that a disproportionately high number of them are created by men. Because obviously men know better than women do what makes us feel good in bed, right? Yeah, that’d be a hard no.

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It was refreshing to hear about Dame Products, a sex toy company founded by women with the sex-positive mission of enhancing pleasure for women in a way that works specifically for our bodies. After completing a master’s in clinical psychology with a focus in sexuality at Columbia University, co-founder Alexandra Fine partnered with product developer Janet Lieberman to launch Dame Products in 2014. The sex toys are designed with real women’s bodies and needs in mind and driven by scientific research.

Ultimately, the company’s mission is to make the world a happier place, “one vagina at a time.” We can definitely get on board with that. Find out more about Dame Products and Fine below.

Name: Alexandra Fine
Company: Dame Products
Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York
Year Founded: 2014

Find @DameProducts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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