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Send Trump a Valentine’s Day Message With These Clever Political E-Cards

What do you want to say to the president on Valentine’s Day? Even if you can’t tell (or Tweet) Trump everything that’s on your mind, these e-cards created by women’s advocacy group Ms. Foundation will help you express your feelings about love (for refugees), marriage (equality) and more.

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“President Trump is trying to divide us with racist and sexist policies rooted in fear, but we’re fighting back. Create a Valentine’s Day card to let him know that you believe in love, equality, and justice for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity and we will send it to his office just in time for Valentine’s Day,” the site reads.

trump valentines

Choose one of six clever cards with messages that run the gamut from “My body is ALL MINE” to “TEXT ME when you get Mexico to pay for that wall.” Once you choose your card, fill out contact information, and choose a specific cause to stand up for. It’s enveloped in red “love trumps hate.” Perfection.

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