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9 Pantsuits You Can Buy at Nordstrom Right Now

So, today, this happened:

Yes, that’s correct: There’s Trump getting involved, as usual, in something that is a) none of his business; b) totally inappropriate since he’s, you know, the president; c) probably a lot less important than a few other issues floating around in this country right now; and d) a U.S.-based company that creates plenty of jobs and revenue right here in our own backyard — the very thing Trump has touted as being up there with cleanliness and godliness.

Of course, Twitter erupted immediately, as it does literally every single time he posts a tweet — including one choice tweet from Senator Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, tagging the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. Yeah, I’ll say.

Armani Collezioni tee jacket & pants: jacket, $1,295; pants, $595

Armani Collezioni Tee, Jacket & Pants
Image: Nordstrom

Then Nordstrom shares plummeted briefly, as a direct result of Trump’s tweet, CNBC reported. #Appropriate. Though shares declined more than 1 percent just after the tweet, people came to their senses and they quickly turned positive, up 3 percent during afternoon trading. Perhaps a bunch of Trump-haters snapped up Nordstrom stock. Who knows.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Hanna jumpsuit: $130

cupcakes and cashmere Hanna Jumpsuit
Image: Nordstrom

The New York Times reported today that it saw an employee memo sent from TJX, the parent company of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, to both stores, which asked stockists to avoid featuring anything that came to the discount shops with Ivanka Trump’s label and to toss signs for the brand, tout de suite. “Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into” the common racks, avoiding any special displays, the note read. “All Ivanka Trump signs should be discarded.” TJX confirmed the memo to theTimes.

Vince Camuto Jumpsuit: $89

Vince Camuto Jumpsuit
Image: Nordstrom

In reference to the tweet, National Retail Federation CEO Matt Shay said on a call with reporters, “We’re living in a world with a different kind of a chief executive in the White House,” CNBC reported. Once again, for the cheap seats: I’ll say. “We’re learning, all of us, how to work in that environment,” he said. Very diplomatic.

Theory Blazer top & pants: blazer, $425; pants, $265

Theory Blazer, Top & Pants
Image: Nordstrom

So what are you waiting for? #GrabYourWallets and support a major company that took a stand against Ivanka Trump, her father and their shady business practices.

Halogen suit jacket & pants: jacket, $129; pants $79

Halogen® Suit Jacket & Pants
Image: Nordstrom

T Tahari jacket & straight-leg pants: jacket, $98; pants, $78

T Tahari Jacket & Straight Leg Pants
Image: Nordstrom

Classiques Entier jacket & pants outfit with accessories: jacket, $299; pants $199

Classiques Entier® Jacket & Pants Outfit with Accessories
Image: Nordstrom

Boss jacket & trousers outfit with accessories: jacket, $595; pants $325

BOSS Jacket & Trousers Outfit with Accessories
Image: Nordstrom

Eliza J Cold-Shoulder jumpsuit: $158

Eliza J Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit
Image: Nordstrom

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