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How to Be a Strong Woman in a Time of Political Chaos

Current events in the political world have catapulted many of us into what can only be described as a shared state of anxiety. We’ve seen so many recent events that seem to threaten not only the rights of women, but those of minorities in the US and the world. These things all began with the swearing in of our new president. His controversial and unpredictable behaviors and his use of fear and hate tactics, right wing agenda and executive orders that are aimed at disrupting our system of government by creating confusion and mistrust in congress, the media, and people everywhere.

How can we deal with current events and keep our heads together?

1. Speak Up and Stand Up

We must pay attention to the things that are happening in politics and business. We must stay alert and be ready to defend the rights and freedoms of women and others. We must all be strong individuals who are willing to speak up and stand up for what we believe in by expressing our concerns about issues affecting us in both our personal and professional levels.

2. Protect Our Freedoms

Now is such an important time to be a woman in the world. This is no time to sit back and “go with the flow”. What we do today will affect the lives of our daughters and sons. We have to protect our freedoms, so that our children will grow up free. Our attitudes and opinions matter more than ever. Women everywhere are influencers and decision makers in every part of our society and our world. Our role is not small, but huge. We are powerful.

3. Believe in Your Dreams

My solution is to do what I have always done. I rely upon my sensibilities and upbringing. I don’t let what is happening in politics rule my emotions, or change my beliefs about who I am or what I am trying to do in my life. I believe in myself and my dreams and I believe in America.

4. Don’t Lose Faith

I encourage all women to take heart and not to lose faith in our institutions and our way of life. Don’t lose faith in people, because of a president who is mentally unstable. Don’t lose faith in government because of apparent chaos in the White House. Don’t subscribe to emotional warfare because of social media. Try not to obsess over media news and social media trends. Be a force for love and strength and hope in your life.

I think the Women’s March on Washington, and the many protests all over the world over women’s rights and the recent protests in cities and airports over restrictions on immigrants are evidence of a nation we need to be proud of.

5. Don’t Value Hate

We must remember that our country is strong, not weak, and built upon love, not fear. We don’t value hate. We value diversity and the many gifts that everyone brings to the table.

The current political administration is not a true reflection of the thinking of the majority of Americans who believe in our traditions and our laws. We believe in fairness, not matter which political party holds elected positions.

6. Honor and Respect Traditions

Americans as a whole are those who honor and respect our traditions and laws. We are not extremists. We are not liars, or bigots or right wingers, or haters. We are ordinary people who hold dear the freedoms and values spelled out in the US Constitution. You can’t take those things away from any of us.

Our country has been built upon and enriched by the struggles of men, women and immigrants and people of all religions and cultures. We have grown into a wonderful and diverse population. We are quickly becoming a nation with a minority majority. We are a tolerant people and our laws reflect that.

The Trump administration wants people to believe that conditions are terrible in this country and we should comply with extreme measures of change. They want us to be filled with fear and doubts and suspicions. They want us to close doors and build walls against each other.

7. Reject Bad Laws

People in government can try to attack our values and try to pass unfair laws that reduce our freedoms, but their actions are only attempts to break down the system and they won’t work. They won’t work because the American people will reject laws that go against their basic rights and freedoms. People everywhere have shown that by the number of protests.

8. Remember the Safeguards

We have safeguards built into our government to protect us from any president who tries to exceed his executive powers, or any elected official that commits crimes. There are many people in our country who will stand up for what is right and use the law to protect our rights and freedoms.

So now is a time to be a strong woman by standing up for your beliefs. Remember our American values and cherish them. Honor those who have fought for our freedoms. Respect those who fight for them now. Stand with those who protect our laws.

We must stand strong, stand for love, and stand up for each other in every situation. We must teach our values and pass on our strength to our children. We must not lose our faith in God and always hope for a better tomorrow.

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