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How to Do the Ultimate French-Twist Updo on Every Hair Type

There’s the iconic French-twist updo seen primarily on A-list celebs as they prance down the red carpet, and then there’s the quick, messy, rolled-and-pinned thing primarily seen on your mother and grandmother during cleaning and errands day. And yes, there’s a huge difference between the two. And yes, we’re going to teach you how to do the former.

Or, some really wonderful beauty vloggers will be teaching you, we should say, based on your specific hair type. Because if there’s one thing we hope to end in this world—other than war and poverty—it’s human reliance on messy ponytails. So scroll down to learn how to do your ultimate French-twist, and never have a bad hair day again.

If you have short hair…

Bobby pins cleverly hidden through this roll keeps short layers in place as you twist.

If you have medium hair…

If you can get past the corny, old-time-y video (trust us, it’s worth it), you’ll learn how to make a classic, ‘50s-style French twist that seriously looks red-carpet ready. And, like any updo, you can skip the back-combing if the volume freaks you out.

If you have long hair…

A French twist on long hair seems easy, but if you don’t pin down some of the layers first, you’ll end up with a thick, jelly-roll-like blob on the back of your head.

If you have tight, curly hair…

A skinny braid around the hairline keeps short layers in place, while adding a little extra oomph to a modern French twist.

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